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  1. Safety
    Players compete with players of similar age and size. Willamette Valley Youth Football enforces a strict grade,weight matrix that not eliminates but definitely reduces the risk and reality of serious injuries.
  2. Quality Coaching
    All coaches that coach in the Sheldon Youth Football association are required to not only take and pass training courses on how to recognize signs of concussions and the protocol to follow once a player has been diagnosed with symptoms of a concussion. All coaches are also required to take and pass training courses through USA football on "Heads up training" and proper tackling techniques. Once all of their training is concluded and documented they are certified through USA football and AAU as well.
  3. No Tryouts
    Willamette Valley Youth football does not have "tryouts" or "cutting" of players, coaches will conduct evaluation drills during practices to determine playing positions but every player that registers play!
  4. Minimum Plays
    Every player participates in every game under the rules of play. Depending on the size of the players team each player eligible to play will be guaranteed a minimum number of plays. This is strictly enforced and results in an immediate forfeiture of the game if a team is found to have violated the MPR rule.
Please check back for 2019 Dates

2019 online registration- May 1st

1st walk in registration- June 11th 4-6pm @ ECF

Mandatory Paperwork Turn in- Aug 13th/14th 5-7pm @ ECF

(Turn in Physicals and Report cards, pick up raffle tickets)

Sheldon HS Football Camp 3rd-8th grade Aug 12th-15th

(Email us with your attendance and receive up to 4hrs of your conditioning hours!)

Last day to register without a Late Fee August 15th.  Late Fee $50

Dick's Sporting Goods 20% off Weekend Aug 17th-18th
(Must bring shop flyer to receive discount)

Sheldon HS Cheer Camp-TBA

Gear checkout K/1st grade- TBA

Gear checkout 2nd/3rd grade- TBA

Gear checkout 4th grade- August 2019

Gear checkout 5th grade-August 2019

Gear checkout 6th grade- August 2019

Gear checkout 7th grade- August 2019

Gear checkout 8th grade- August 2019

Cheer Uniform Fitting (MANDATORY)-Tentative Week of July 28th

1st day of practice for Cheer- Tentative August 2019

1st day of practice for 7th-8th grade- TBA

1st day of practice 4th-6th grade- September 3rd, 2019

1st day of practice K/1st & 2nd/3rd grade- September 3rd, 2019

Youth Night with the Ducks September 7th, 2019
(More info and how to purchase tickets to come)

Fundraiser raffle tickets due- September 9th, 2019

Papa's Pizza fundraiser- September 12th, 2019

7th-8th grade jamboree- Sept 17th or 18th, 2019

K-6th  grade jamboree- September 22nd, 2019

4th-8th grade Playoffs- TBA

League championship games- November 3rd, 2019

K/1st and 2nd/3rd Bowl games- October 27th, 2019

Autzen championship weekend- November 8th-10th, 2019

K/1st gear turn in- TBA

2nd/3rd grade gear turn in- TBA

4th/5th grade gear turn in- TBA

7th grade gear turn in- TBA

Gear turn in deadline ($50 late fee)- TBA


The League has raised the weight allowances for 4th and 5th grade.
- 4th grade starting weight is now 120lbs
- 5th grade strating weight is now 140lbs

Check out the new Rookie Tackle rules for K/1 and 2/3 @ www.wvyfc.com
- K/1 will be playing a 5 man game on a shorter field
- 2/3 will be playing a 9 man game on a shorter field

These rule changes were adopted from USA Football's Rookie tackle program to implement a better transistion for the younger kids into a full 11 man tackle football game.
“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”
– Mike Singletary